Cybersecurity expert

Center for Strategic & Prospective Studies (CEPS)

  • Member of the Board, Diderot Institute
  • Professor at the France’s National Police College (ENSP),
  • Cybersecurity expert, Centre for Strategic & Prospective Studies (CEPS),
  • Editor-In-Chief, Strategic Prospective Review.

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La peur, l’Etat et le citoyen
Fear, the State and the Citizen

Book review by Jacques G. Richardson

To offset insecurity, risk is “merchandised” Nicolas Arpagian’s latest book appeared at the same moment that the The Economist featured “Fear returns” as its cover story (on how to avoid a deepening of the Great Recession). Fear is a topic on many minds but one seldom treated by futurists, making Arpagian’s volume one of particular interest to Foresight’s readers. He makes fear explicit as an element in planning, scenario development, and devising strategic methods of applying protection.

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La cyberguerre, La guerre numérique a commencé
CyberWarfare, The Declaration of Digital War

Book review by Jacques G. Richardson

This book treats comprehensively – and in admirably clear terms – the pitfalls in daily life of the fast-growing internet and, more specifically, in the relations between individual users and public authority. Author Nicolas Arpagian deals with his topic, complex as it is and expanding everywhere daily, with both a mastery of the technical knowledge required and unusual sensitivity as to the social implications – and how to make both known to the layperson.

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